Steven W. Bernstein Can Help With the Foreclosure Process

July 30, 2017
There is no question; the foreclosure process is extremely complicated and often, it can be unfair. While the banks would love for you to believe that the process is simple and just involves the bank sending a notice before they come to evict you and the process is over, it’s just not that simple at all. Steven W. Bernstein has a keen understanding of the process, and he understands that the actual process can take anywhere from a few months to several years to complete.

That’s the bad news, but Steven W. Bernstein wants you to know there is some good news. The complex process allows for many ways to make it through the process in a way that allows you to stay in your home. Because he understands every aspect of the process and everything homeowners actually face, he has the expertise to guide those facing the foreclosure process though the loan negotiation and modification process, he is uniquely capable of getting you through the process with the best possible results. His clients often get to keep their home and perhaps get a better deal on it.

Steven W. Bernstein on the Foreclosure Process

April 30, 2017
Let’s face it; there is no way in which the foreclosure process is not enormously complicated and extremely stressful. The banks like to pretend it’s simple; they send you a notice, then they evict you and put you out on the street. However, it’s really not that simple, which is why Steven W. Bernstein found the firm, Foreclosure Defense, LLC. His firm works hard to bring about a reasonable level of justice for homeowners who face foreclosure, especially those foreclosures that are patently unfair, and there are many of those.

Steven W. Bernstein fully understands every aspect of the process. He gets that a foreclosure can take anywhere from a few months to several years to complete and that there are many ways to get through the process and remain in the home. That is because Steven is an acknowledged expert on foreclosure law and the process of foreclosure itself. He is so highly regarded for his expertise that Steven W. Bernstein crisscrosses the country to lecture other foreclosure professionals on how to handle the process. He has been teaching attorneys his tried and true methods and techniques for fighting wrongful foreclosure actions for years and he know exactly how to defend the victims of greedy bankers using predatory banking practices from the harm that can come.

Steven W. Bernstein’s work in New York

January 15, 2017
From its headquarters in New York, Foreclosure Defense LLC operates. This nationwide company, as founded by businessman Steven W. Bernstein in 2009, began with a simple hope to help homeowners in need during the 21st century’s great financial recession. As this crisis struck America, Bernstein used his expertise in the mortgage and real estate industry to start the business, working with other professionally training staff to legally assist clients from the New York region to areas across the country. Additional offices were deemed necessary to properly aid the many homeowners seeking help closer to the areas they resided. Following New York, Foreclosure Defense locations opened in Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles with their own teams of professionals.

Since 2009, from all four offices, countless homeowners have received assistance from Steven Bernstein and his experienced team. But at the company’s root, the New York staff works to create a variety of change in the mortgage and real estate industry. In addition to its loan restructuring, mediation and other work, four attorneys at the New York office strive regularly against big business on Wall Street -- the source of the primary problem. They have fought legal cases against some of the largest national banks with success and discovered paths toward litigation and resolve for clients as well.

Owner of Foreclosure Defense, LLC - Steven W. Bernstein

October 15, 2016
The real estate market collapse happened in 2007, and at this time there became a mass flood of foreclosures to homeowners. Because of the mortgage set-ups that were happening between 2004-2006 that made the big banks money but at the cost to the homeowner, suddenly mortgages were collapsing all over the nation. Homeowners were mislead into their mortgages and then the threat of foreclosure became rampant. It was in this displacement of homeowners that Steven W. Bernstein founded Foreclosure Defense, LLC. Started in 2009, Foreclosure Defence, LLC began their dedicated service to help homeowners defend their homes by modifying and litigating against the servicers and securitized trusts in order to help them keep their homes. The servicers and securitized trusts are the real parties of interest as they often hold the deed and are responsible for home foreclosures.

There was such prevalence of foreclosures that Steven W. Bernstein decided to expand the company to serve homeowners nationwide. Foreclosure Defence, LLC currently holds offices in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. If you are in any of these areas or anywhere around the United States and need help in removing the threat of foreclosure, or perhaps you have recently been foreclosed on, either way, you should to reach out to Steven W. Bernstein’s Foreclosure Defence, LLC. Their sole focus is on the task of taking on the big conglomerate in order to help homeowners keep their homes.