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Owner of Foreclosure Defense, LLC - Steven W. Bernstein

October 15, 2016
The real estate market collapse happened in 2007, and at this time there became a mass flood of foreclosures to homeowners. Because of the mortgage set-ups that were happening between 2004-2006 that made the big banks money but at the cost to the homeowner, suddenly mortgages were collapsing all over the nation. Homeowners were mislead into their mortgages and then the threat of foreclosure became rampant. It was in this displacement of homeowners that Steven W. Bernstein founded Foreclosure Defense, LLC. Started in 2009, Foreclosure Defence, LLC began their dedicated service to help homeowners defend their homes by modifying and litigating against the servicers and securitized trusts in order to help them keep their homes. The servicers and securitized trusts are the real parties of interest as they often hold the deed and are responsible for home foreclosures.

There was such prevalence of foreclosures that Steven W. Bernstein decided to expand the company to serve homeowners nationwide. Foreclosure Defence, LLC currently holds offices in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. If you are in any of these areas or anywhere around the United States and need help in removing the threat of foreclosure, or perhaps you have recently been foreclosed on, either way, you should to reach out to Steven W. Bernstein’s Foreclosure Defence, LLC. Their sole focus is on the task of taking on the big conglomerate in order to help homeowners keep their homes.