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Steven W. Bernstein on the Foreclosure Process

April 30, 2017
Let’s face it; there is no way in which the foreclosure process is not enormously complicated and extremely stressful. The banks like to pretend it’s simple; they send you a notice, then they evict you and put you out on the street. However, it’s really not that simple, which is why Steven W. Bernstein found the firm, Foreclosure Defense, LLC. His firm works hard to bring about a reasonable level of justice for homeowners who face foreclosure, especially those foreclosures that are patently unfair, and there are many of those.

Steven W. Bernstein fully understands every aspect of the process. He gets that a foreclosure can take anywhere from a few months to several years to complete and that there are many ways to get through the process and remain in the home. That is because Steven is an acknowledged expert on foreclosure law and the process of foreclosure itself. He is so highly regarded for his expertise that Steven W. Bernstein crisscrosses the country to lecture other foreclosure professionals on how to handle the process. He has been teaching attorneys his tried and true methods and techniques for fighting wrongful foreclosure actions for years and he know exactly how to defend the victims of greedy bankers using predatory banking practices from the harm that can come.