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Steven W. Bernstein’s work in New York

January 15, 2017
From its headquarters in New York, Foreclosure Defense LLC operates. This nationwide company, as founded by businessman Steven W. Bernstein in 2009, began with a simple hope to help homeowners in need during the 21st century’s great financial recession. As this crisis struck America, Bernstein used his expertise in the mortgage and real estate industry to start the business, working with other professionally training staff to legally assist clients from the New York region to areas across the country. Additional offices were deemed necessary to properly aid the many homeowners seeking help closer to the areas they resided. Following New York, Foreclosure Defense locations opened in Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles with their own teams of professionals.

Since 2009, from all four offices, countless homeowners have received assistance from Steven Bernstein and his experienced team. But at the company’s root, the New York staff works to create a variety of change in the mortgage and real estate industry. In addition to its loan restructuring, mediation and other work, four attorneys at the New York office strive regularly against big business on Wall Street -- the source of the primary problem. They have fought legal cases against some of the largest national banks with success and discovered paths toward litigation and resolve for clients as well.